Design Downtown STL

Design the Future of Downtown St. Louis

At no time in recent memory has there been more momentum in Downtown St. Louis than there is right now.  With an influx of new residents, park spaces, jobs, entertainment venues, and other investments, Downtown has become a place that means many things to many people; a place to live, a place to work, a place to recreate and explore.  Downtown is the heart of St. Louis — the place where St. Louis comes together.

What will the next decade and beyond bring for Downtown St. Louis?

To answer that question, we launched Design Downtown STL, a roadmap for investments over the coming decade. This plan was driven by input from the community and guided by a diverse group of area leaders who have served as our Advisory Committee to help guide this process.

We began this effort by collecting important data about Downtown as we wanted to ensure that the voices of Downtown residents, business and property owners, employees, leaders, advocates, and visitors were included, as everyone experiences Downtown in different ways. The plan is now in its final stages of receiving feedback, and will be made public in the coming months.