Downtown CID


What is the Downtown Community Improvement District (CID)?

The Downtown St. Louis Community Improvement District (CID) is a 180-square block area located within the core of Downtown that was established in 2000 by property owners who were committed to keeping the neighborhood cleaner, safer and more attractive.

For nearly 20 years, the CID has worked hard to make Downtown an attractive place for businesses, residents, and visitors. Supplementing City services in beautification and safety efforts has been the hallmark of our work. Here are some examples:

    • Through the CID, we pick up trash, as well as plant and maintain the trees and flowers.
    • Because of the funding the CID provides, Downtown has the only St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department Bike Unit in the City of St. Louis.
    • The CID has catalyzed economic revitalization, including providing financial support for Arch Grants, T-Rex, the St. Louis Fashion Fund, and the many special events that bring thousands of people Downtown each year.
    • During the COVID-19 pandemic shut-down, we gave $100,000 in grants to small businesses within the CID and $20,000 to CID restaurants to make meals for frontline hospital workers.

Myths and Facts about the CID

The CID Board of Directors is dedicated to making sure residents, property owners and businesses have the facts about the proposed CID restructure. As of late, there have been numerous false accusations regarding the CID’s work and its pending amendment. Linked here is an easy to read document that highlights the myths and facts of the proposed CID. Please also view members of the CID Board discussing these myths during a virtual CID Restructuring Q&A session, here.

Some of the myths you’ll find in this document include:

Myth: The CID is being extended for 20 years, and this is our only chance to make changes to it until 2040.

FACT: The CID’s scope and property assessments will be reevaluated by all stakeholders on the same schedule as they always have — every 10 years.

Myth: The CID-opposition group wants to replace the current CID with a new-and-improved CID.

FACT: The CID-opposition group doesn’t have a plan for a new CID, and their actions suggest they may attempt to kill the CID while putting nothing in its place. The absence of a CID would have a profoundly negative impact on Downtown St. Louis residents, businesses and infrastructure.


The Downtown St. Louis Clean Team is out each day 7:30am-5pm to keep the area beautiful! Go behind-the-scenes with Stacey, 10-year member of the Clean Team. The Bike Unit was created in response to growing foot traffic in Downtown STL, to promote safety & ensure visitors have a positive experience Downtown. Read about them here.

Strengthening the CID for Downtown’s Future

As the term of the current CID draws to a close, and due to the economic impact of the pandemic, we are recommending significant changes to the CID beginning in 2021. They include:

  • Reducing CID property assessments by 23 percent.
  • Staffing the CID with its own employees instead of contracting out services.
  • Streamlining CID services to focus on safety, beautification and infrastructure.
  • Reducing the size of the CID board.

There are several other proposed changes to the CID. To see the complete list of suggested changes, as well as more detail on the above changes, please click here.

Sign the Petition to Strengthen the CID for the Future

In the coming weeks, property owners will receive a packet that includes two petitions:

  1. Petition to amend the term of the CID: Authorizes the extension of the CID term to December 31, 2041. The 20-year extension makes it such that property owners don’t have to sign two petitions every time they renew or revise the assessment and minimizes legal and administrative costs. This does not mean property owners are committing to paying the assessment for 20 years, it simply means they have the option to renew the assessment because there is a CID in place.
  2. CID Assessment petition: Authorizes the reduced CID assessment, beginning in 2021 through December 31, 2031.

The proposed changes are the result of a process that included a survey of CID property owners, stakeholder outreach, research into the best practices of other Downtown CIDs, and further efforts to reflect the wishes of property owners.

Please read the letter sent to Downtown property owners and take a moment to sign and return the petition.

The CID supplements City services to ensure our neighborhood is a safe, clean and beautiful place to live, work and visit. By signing these two petitions, Downtown property owners will help strengthen the future of Downtown for years to come.


View documents for amended CID, beginning in 2021.