Getting Around Downtown STL


Spring is nearly here, so it is time to get out and explore Downtown St. Louis! Laclede’s Landing is Downtown’s oldest entertainment district, so if you are wondering how to get to and from The Landing by car, follow the tips and routes below for safety and ease.

There are two major access points for motorists into The Landing:

  • Travel eastbound on Washington Avenue and turn left on 3rd Street, before the Eads Bridge
  • Travel northbound on 4th Street and turn right on Laclede’s Landing Blvd., stay right to avoid the MLK Bridge

There are two major exit routes from The Landing to Downtown/all highway interchanges:

  • Travel northbound on 2nd Street to Carr Street
  • Travel southbound on 2nd Street to Morgan Street

View the tips and pictures below. Enjoy Getting Around Downtown STL!