Top 4 Reasons to Tailgate for the XFL BattleHawks at Laclede’s Landing

A sold out stadium, an abundance of blue and a choir of “Ka-Kaws” can only mean one thing: the spirit of St. Louis football is alive again! Crowds of BattleHawks fans gathered and tailgated Downtown for the team’s home opener. With St. Louis already setting an XFL attendance record, fans turned to favorite spot Laclede’s Landing. To keep the party going, we’re sharing our top four reasons why you should join us at Laclede’s Landing this (and every) game day!

#1: Landing the Perfect Tailgate Spot

It’s a BattleHawk block party! The Landing will be closing down Second Street between Lucas and Morgan, and Morgan and MLK to create two pedestrian areas before, during and after the game. Safely cross the streets to pop into local bars and restaurants, or park yourself on the pavement to enjoy all of the entertainment out on the sidewalks. 

#2: Note-Worthy Entertainment

What’s a true tailgate without music and dancing? Laclede’s Landing will have a live DJ and stage on gameday featuring music, games, broadcasts, contests and more.

#3: Battle(for your)Hawk Pride 

We already know St. Louis is the nation’s best sports city, but now it’s time to find out which one of us boasts the most BattleHawk pride. Laclede’s Landing will be hosting two competitions: the Best “KA-KAW” Contest and the Best BattleHawk Costume Contest. Time to start practicing your bird calls! 

#4: Fan Favorite Food and Drinks

The Landing is a destination known for great food and drinks, and during a BattleHawks tailgate is no different. Fan favorites like Lou Eats, Morgan Street, Kimchi Guys, Big Daddy’s and Mas Tequila will be open and offering additional services on the sidewalk!


Whether you’re looking for a spot to gear up before the game, or settling in to celebrate with fellow fans, we hope to see you at Laclede’s Landing. Ka-Kaw!

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Photo Credit: Explore St. Louis